BC History

AWMAC BC History

In order to create a better climate for their industry, millwork operators in the Vancouver area created the Mainland Millwork Association in the 1920s. In the early 60s the Millwork Contractors Association (MCA) succeeded this group and by the late 60s this organization expanded nationally as the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) with chapters in several provinces. 
In 1994 the BC chapter of AWMAC changed its name from MCA, first to the Millwork Manufacturers Association of BC (MMABC), then in 1997 to the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association (AWMA) and finally in 2007 to its current name.

Today the goal of the Association is to build a credible and prosperous woodwork industry in Canada by: 

  • Promoting strong relationships and partnerships among industry members, suppliers, general and trade contractors, architects and architectural designers and owners.    
  • Standardizing manufacturing and installation methods.
  • Supporting education and upgrading skills within the industry.

In 1972, the first AWMAC Quality Standards for Architectural Woodwork manual was published. This manual has become the authoritative standard for designing, detailing and specifying architectural woodwork across Canada and the United  States.

Following widespread adoption of the AWMAC Quality Standards Manual, the industry identified a need for a tool to monitor projects and assure adherence to the standards as outlined. As a result, in the mid 1990's the AWMAC Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS) Program was initiated and adopted as a national program.

In 2009 AWMAC, AWI and WI joined forces to create one set of standards for North America - The Architectural Woodwork Standards.